List your favorite ways to procrastinate

Deb Prewitt

Art by Deb Prewitt

I am really good at procrastinating. And that is not a good thing. I don’t want to be good at it. Take this post for example, I started writing it 4 months ago. So I guess I have procrastinated about my procrastination article. 🙂

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” ~Thomas Jefferson

I always have good intentions of not waiting til the last minute to do something. I am good at planning and such, but not quite so good at carrying out the plans. It always seems to me that there is PLENTY of TIME for me to get something done. Which is never true. Everything always takes more time than you think. Then I end up running around wondering if I am remembering everything. It makes me feel scattered and I don’t like that. Yes I know…..then why don’t I just get things done sooner? And that is the BIG question to which there appears to be NO GOOD ANSWER.

“The dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself.” ~Rita Emmett

I’m not saying I always procrastinate. There are a lot of things I get done quickly and easily and on schedule. There are things I get done early. But there are just as many things that get pushed aside and forgotten. Perhaps there is a perfectly logical reason why that is so, but I haven’t quite discovered it yet.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Procrastination can take many forms. It doesn’t always mean wasting time or doing unimportant things (although wasting time is the most common – Facebook or twitter or TV or checking email). But you can also procrastinate by doing stuff you need to do, just maybe not the stuff you need to do RIGHT NOW. I will find things to do that actually could wait to be done, and then do them instead of the things I know I should be doing right now (like cleaning the bathroom or walking the dog or grocery shopping). Wait….is that really procrastinating then? Or is it just misplaced priorities? Either way, what I need to do gets pushed aside yet again.

“It’s a job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.” ~J. R. R. Tolkien

I guess I need to really figure out what wastes my time the most and change that. Then I need to know what really is a priority and actually do it.  However, then I feel like I am wasting time by trying to analyze these ideas and that is actually another way for me to procrastinate. You can see how this works and how it is so difficult to get out of the way of myself. I will sometimes feel like I have so much that needs done that I just don’t do any of it. I decide to take a nap or read a magazine or do my nails. Complete procrastination!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” ~ Mark Twain

Why do we procrastinate so much? There are a number of reasons. Do any of these seem familiar to you?

  • lack of prioritizing
  • shiny object syndrome
  • no sense of time
  • lack of organization
  • we are bored
  • too much on the plate
  • overestimating our skills and abilities
  • needing to be perfect before you start
  • not knowing how to start
  • analysis paralysis
  • avoiding something you don’t want to do
  • expecting help that isn’t there
  • sense of overwhelm
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • fear of ridicule
  • and on and on and on……

I know there are a host of reasons why we fall prey to procrastination. But can we change? Do we want to change? Can those of us who are really good at procrastinating make the changes needed? Can we really quit procrastinating? I believe we can. I believe I can.

“Avoid delays: procrastination always does harm.” ~Lucanus

I know that I don’t procrastinate all the time, so I should be able to figure out why and make my adjustments. What exactly do I find that I am most prone to procrastinate on and do I know why?  I am perfectly capable of changing my behavior and making improvements. The first thing I am doing is publishing this blog post. 🙂

What about you? What reasons do you find to procrastinate? Are they valid reasons?



About Deb Prewitt

I am an aspiring artist. I love all things creative and enjoy the people around me who are artistic. I live in Colorado which is a great place to be. I enjoy lots of different things and plan on exploring those things in this blog.
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10 Responses to List your favorite ways to procrastinate

  1. Kathy King says:

    Such a great post, Deb! Thanks for writing!

  2. Alice Hendon says:

    hi deb, i’m sorry but i don’t have time right now to do that. i’ll have to get back with you later. 🙂 alice

  3. great post – I actually read it to avoid doing some writing and now I feel bad! I’m going to get back to it now…

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  5. You made me smile and you made me think. Hmmm…I sometimes do things quickly, but then there are times I just think about doing and that’s all. 🙂 Well, I guess it’s all about organization and prioritizing. At least for me. I want to do so many things at once, and then I often do the least important things first. Maybe I just choose the most fun things to do first. 🙂

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