Dye Day Fabrics

I have a friend who hosts a Dye Day at her place a couple of times a year. She has all the dyes and a great space for mixing them up and she is happy to host us. And we all appreciate her for doing so.  We had one of our Dye Days last weekend and we took over her home for the day, just playing with color and fabric and experimenting and getting quite messy in the process.

I don’t know a lot about dyeing so I am happy to have a friend who does know and is willing to share her knowledge and supplies with her friends. Thanks Venisa!

Of course, I became so involved with the process and the fun we were having that I didn’t remember to take any photos along the way. But take my word for it, we did have fun, and we did make a mess, and we did create lots of beautiful hand-dyed fabrics.

I finally got mine all washed and rinsed and pressed and stacked nicely by colors. I did remember to take photos of the finished fabrics and laces and linens.

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We were doing cold-water dyeing, so we used cotton fabrics. I used a lot of vintage linens and laces that I had collected, which always dye really well. I also used some PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabrics, as they take the dye superbly. I had some cheesecloth and some tarlatan and some cotton ribbon trims and laces that also took the dye fabulously. Then there were some random bits and pieces of tone-on-tone fabrics which always give interesting results. Also a few home dec fabrics, which are fun because they are usually a blend, so the different parts of the fabric take the dyes in different ways. It is interesting to see how various fabrics absorb the dyes, some with paler colors and some with more intense colors, some with areas that don’t absorb it at all. I also threw in a few black/white pieces to see what would happen.

I don’t go into the dye days with any expectations. I am not planning on dyeing my fabrics for any particular project. I know some people do that. They are more careful with the fabrics they choose and the mixing of the dyes to get the correct colors. Not me! I just start mixing and throw in the fabrics and see what happens. That is part of the fun for me – the not knowing what I am going to end up with. And I am always happy with what I get because I don’t have expectations. 🙂

Now I will add these lovely Dyed Fabrics to my stash and I will get them out occasionally and ooh and ahh over them and every once in a while I will cut into them and make something. But mostly I just love the process and the act of creating these beautiful bits and pieces. I’m already saving up fabrics and laces for the next Dye Day!



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I am an aspiring artist. I love all things creative and enjoy the people around me who are artistic. I live in Colorado which is a great place to be. I enjoy lots of different things and plan on exploring those things in this blog.
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3 Responses to Dye Day Fabrics

  1. gold price says:

    the bags got a quick dip-dyeing in fun combinations of Tangerine, Fuchsia & Evening Blue dyes. Just love woven the texture and how the print over-dyes for an interesting effect! Three bags were dyed all together, two bags I left as micro handbags and with one, I went a little further to create a hands-free, crossbody bag using dyed nylon webbing. Perfect for stashing a wallet, cellphone and sunglasses for an easy casual look. Next time, maybe we’ll try a big 10Lb rice bag to create a sturdy new book tote. Could be fun!

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