No More Excuses!

I haven’t been out doing my usual walking for several weeks now. I have the usual litany of reasons – I’m too tired; I’m too busy with work; I have way too many errands to run; I should be doing housework or laundry or gardening or…..; I am sick; the weather is too cold or wet or hot or windy or….; besides, I just don’t feel like it. But they are all just excuses. Alright, maybe being sick is a good reason (which I was for about a week), but the rest of those ‘reasons’ are just excuses and are not valid at all!!!!

I know I have never been very good at exercising and I am certainly not the gym type, but I have been good at walking. I actually enjoy it. I feel better when I walk regularly. I sleep better. I eat better (definitely a correlation there). I am less stressed. And I look better!!!! So with all those good attributes, why do I find excuses to not go out?

Today I did finally go out walking after about 3 weeks of not going out. Woo hoo! Well, I have been walking the dogs every day. But they are old (and one has a bad leg), so we don’t go very far and we don’t go very fast, so it’s not really like getting exercise. I am only deluding myself when I think that walking the dogs is enough.

I just want to point out that it doesn’t take very long for your body to slip back into old habits. When I set out today, my body did not want to go briskly like I usually like to do. And after about 1 mile, I really wished I was back home already. How do I get so out of shape so quickly? But I pushed on and managed to do about 3 miles today (not as far as I was used to doing, but a good start back on the right track). I can certainly tell that I haven’t been out for a while, however I did feel good about doing it and was glad I made myself do it. Forget that long to-do list! It seems I hardly ever put exercise on my to-do list and that is perhaps the problem. Hmmm…maybe that would help?

Walking is good for you!

I want to be healthy and strong and be able to do things. Exercising is a big part of making sure I am! Just because I have let a few weeks go by without doing much, doesn’t mean I have to stay on that track! I can renew my committment to walking daily and I will not beat myself up over the fact that I have neglected my walking lately. And I will stop making excuses!

Are you getting enough exercise? Or are you using those excuses to let yourself slip? I say we can get back on track and it will be OK. Add walking to your to-do list for tomorrow. 🙂


About Deb Prewitt

I am an aspiring artist. I love all things creative and enjoy the people around me who are artistic. I live in Colorado which is a great place to be. I enjoy lots of different things and plan on exploring those things in this blog.
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5 Responses to No More Excuses!

  1. I am definitely making excuses way too often! 🙂 I also walk the dog, but as you said, it’s not enough, even it’s a few miles every day. I’m just lazy. I do admire your will to walk every day. I’m glad you are feeling better and ready to exercise. 🙂

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