Monday challenge – Creativity pact

I am joining Quinn McDonald at QuinnCreative for this much-needed creativity pact. For 30 days, I will attempt to walk and write every day to help get my creativity mojo back. Will you join me? You can check out Quinn’s posting about it here.

It’s all about making new habits (or getting the old ones back), of course, but also about being creative and using what you have to get back on track. Using deep writing and walking meditations, as Quinn recommends, will allow you to get back in touch with your creativity and your spirituality, to reconnect with who you really are.

So what do you need to do? Walk every day and use that time to reflect, analyze, breathe, meditate, create focus in your life. (Plus it is good exercise!) I read an article that said that women walk 2300 steps a day LESS during the winter months than during the rest of the year. That is a lot, and may explain why we add a few pounds during the winter. So get out there and walk!

And then write every day. Long-hand writing for at least 15 minutes a day. Quinn recommends doing it at the same time every day to get the most value out of it. Write about whatever you need to, and keep this writing personal. This isn’t the journaling you share with everyone. This is a spiritual, personal, writing process.

I hope you all try to do this. I believe that sharing a pact to do this together will make it easier to do, and somehow make you more accountable for your actions. I know I have challenged you all to walk and write before, but this is a new challenge combining the two ideas. Doing it for 30 days will create a new habit for you.

When will I walk and write? I usually walk in the mornings, and then sometimes again in the afternoons. I try to avoid the frigid cold weather as much as possible (brrr). I will try to write in the evening. I think it will be helpful to reflect upon what the day brought to me. I will post periodically during this month letting you all know how it is going. I hope you do the same thing. Let me know if you are joining me and what you think of this pact.


About Deb Prewitt

I am an aspiring artist. I love all things creative and enjoy the people around me who are artistic. I live in Colorado which is a great place to be. I enjoy lots of different things and plan on exploring those things in this blog.
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9 Responses to Monday challenge – Creativity pact

  1. I walk every day, but it’s a dog walk, so probably that doesn’t count. 🙂 And instead of writing, I weave or crochet in the evenings, and read a book after that. Where am I going to fit writing, and not to mention more walking?!? But to be honest, everything is possible, and I could make room for new habit. At least the writing one. Walking…well…I do it too much already with my Lab, LOL!

    • Deb Prewitt says:

      I’m hoping that walking with my dogs is OK as well, since I do that every day. I do enjoy walking without them whenever I have time, so I will add that in as I can. I hope you can make time for both the walking and the writing.

  2. Linda says:

    I’m going round the blogs in Quinn’s sidebar getting to know who else is joining in. I’ll walk in the mornings and write early evening, I think.

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  4. db johnston says:

    Sounds like a worthwhile challenge…I always try to get in a walk a day, and also write every day. Years ago I followed a longhand ‘morning pages’ writing regimen (as suggested by Julia Cameron, author of ‘The Artist’s Way’), but found it impossible to stop myself from doodling, so I eventually gave up (I did find the process invigorating).
    Best of luck breaking through the layers!

    • Deb Prewitt says:

      Yes, I have done the morning pages as well, which was less fulfilling than this seems to be. Or perhaps I am just more ready for the deep writing part now. I do like to doodle, but not usually when I am writing. They seem to be two separate activities for me these days. Although I do remember having massive amounts of doodling on notebooks and homework pages when I was young and in school.

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  6. I have to admit whenever I look over a best of list that I ve written myself, I always find myself a little bit disappointed.

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