Monday Challenge – Play

Let your inner artist out to play.

That is the tag line for my new website. I believe that most artists are better when they just play. But how often do we do that? Many times we are working on a project, or a deadline, or a class assignment, or something else that requires our attention and concentration. And I admit that I often work best under those conditions.

Yet, if we want to step outside of our normal patterns, we need to play! Play with new materials, new colors, new mediums, new textures, new ideas, and so on and so forth. I know that I am guilty of forgetting to just play, how about you? How often do you play?

This week’s challenge is to play. Play! PLAY! P-L-A-Y!!!!!

Get out your crayons and color. I loved coloring when I was a child. How wonderful to get out that box of crayons and find a coloring book or just a blank piece of paper to draw on. It was like heaven. When my kids were little I would color with them and I loved it. But when the kids are gone, it is hard to justify buying a coloring book and crayons at Target. You hope the cashier doesn’t ask you how old your grandkids are, when you don’t have any. If she does, you mumble something about a gift for a nephew or something. It’s hard to admit that you are buying these things for yourself. What else can you play with? Play dough? Glue? Paint? What did you play with when you were a child? What gave you the most pleasure?

Call up some friends and have a play date. Who says play dates are only for kids? Have everyone bring some crayons or water colors or markers, maybe some glue and glitter and construction paper. Everyone shows up with stuff to play with, and then you play! Don’t try to ‘make’ something or have a ‘project’ to complete. Get silly. Giggle out loud. Make a mess. Glue stuff. Color funny pictures. Draw stick people. Maybe you can make some kool-aid and cupcakes and really get those ‘playful’ kid vibes going. You will have so much fun and really get in touch with how it feels to play.

Then schedule regular play dates in your calendar. With your friends or by yourself will work. I will venture to guess that your art will change and  so will you.

Come on, I know you want to play!


About Deb Prewitt

I am an aspiring artist. I love all things creative and enjoy the people around me who are artistic. I live in Colorado which is a great place to be. I enjoy lots of different things and plan on exploring those things in this blog.
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