April Monthly Challenge – UFO’s

I really enjoyed last month’s challenge to do something creative every single day. And I did! Although some days it was only reading a new art magazine. I worked in my studio a lot. I took a couple different classes, thus expanding my knowledge! I went to a couple different artist shows which are always fun and interesting. I enjoy seeing what others are doing and trying to figure out the hows and whys of it all. I read some books and magazines relating to art and crafting. I hung out with some of my very artsy friends, hoping some of their talent rubs off on me. I believe that setting that intention at the beginning of the month really helped me focus on achieving it. Intention is very powerful. We often don’t use it to its full potential. I encourage you all to really think about intention and how it can benefit you.

Now off to this month’s challenge. Those of you in the quilting world understand the UFO reference above. UnFinished Objects. We all have them. Projects that we started but never finished. Why didn’t we finish? That is the never-ending question. Perhaps we didn’t like how it looked once we got started. Perhaps we got bored with it. Perhaps we were learning a new technique and now it is learned but we don’t care about finishing the project anymore. Maybe we are afraid of finishing it. Or don’t even know how to finish it. Or we have every intention of finishing it……someday. There are long lists of reasons for all those UFO’s we have stashed away.

But let’s face it. Either you are going to finish them or you aren’t. Decide already! At any rate, they take up space on your tables or in your closet or on the floor, and they take up space in your head. Space you need to free up to work on your next fabulous creative endeavor.

Hey, I am a horrible procrastinator. I will delay and postpone and think of excuses and reasons and……pretty soon I have to operate at desperation levels because I have procrastinated way too long. I think I crave those deadlines with the adrenaline rush that comes with them. So I have a huge amount of UFO’s waiting to be finished, waiting for that desperation mode to kick in; although recently I have been slugging through them trying to free up that coveted space.

This month your challenge is to take one of your UFO’s and do something radically different with it.  Go ahead and pick something you don’t really like anyway. Give it a new purpose in life. If you usually sew, maybe you could paint the fabric instead. If you usually paint, maybe you could drill holes and add hardware. If you design clothing, why don’t you try toys or games instead. Think outside of your box. Get out of your comfort zone. I want you to cut up that half-finished quilt project and rearrange it into something new; break up those pottery pieces and glue them onto something else; paint that bird house you are building with zebra stripes on it. Just do something completely out of character with what you would normally do. You might surprise yourself with what you come up with.  And if you still don’t like it? Well, you obviously weren’t thrilled with it to start with, so no harm done. And maybe you have just a little bit of fun trying to be outrageous with your creativity.

Don’t forget to take before & after photos! It could be the next big creative buzz, and you will want documentation. Have fun!


About Deb Prewitt

I am an aspiring artist. I love all things creative and enjoy the people around me who are artistic. I live in Colorado which is a great place to be. I enjoy lots of different things and plan on exploring those things in this blog.
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